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AL-KO Record, a pioneer in the manufacture of shock absorbers in Spain, offers a wide range of shock absorbers and suspension elements, backed by its engineering versatility that provides innovative technical solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

This fact has lead AL-KO to carry out – in all its plants – major investments in research and testing facilities, as well as in expansions and refurbishments with the objective of implementing a flexible, efficient and profitable production, also in small series. All this serves to make AL-KO a competent party in developing effective solutions in the field of suspension.

AL-KO shock absorbers are the smart solution for replacement parts by providing a better balance between safety and comfort, improving the features so that the driver regains his/her faith in their car and thus achieving greater driving safety. The AL-KO replacement shock absorber provides better tyre contact with the road and a considerable shortening of the braking distance.

The exceptional behaviour of the AL-KO shock absorber is based on the design of the Monoblock system that obtains a uniform pressurization in the entire travelled distance with the self purging system of the chambers and which achieves high performance, thermostability and low friction.

UKS Distribution are pleased to offer AL-KO shock absorbers within their product range, offering customers a high quality alternative in the UK aftermarket. 

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