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Optimal Automotive GmbH have been a supplier in the automotive industry since 1992. In order to achieve the continuous levels of high customer service, they have maintained a high quality of products available across the globe.

All products supplied by Optimal Automotive GmbH are from OEMs and quality suppliers around the world. This high quality has allowed Optimal to continue its global supply and has given customers and suppliers alike a confidence in the brand and its products.

Optimal’s Steering & Suspension range is TÜV Certified, which means it offers customers the top level of quality in its entire range and can give customers peace of mind that these products have the highest safety test levels and quality checks in the aftermarket.

Another product range where Optimal excels is their Wheel Bearing Kits. All Kits are produced and put together via a strictly controlled process. All Kits are checked in terms of weight before being shelves to ensure that they are complete with all necessary parts. Before sending these products into the aftermarket, they are them checked and checked again to guarantee customers the right and complete solution.

Along with a variety of other Optimal product groups, UKS Distribution are pleased to supply customers with these quality checked, high specification parts.

Product Groups Available from UKS Distribution include:

  • Shock Absorbers and Accessory Kits

  • Wheel Bearing Kits

  • Steering & Suspension

  • Brake Pads

  • Brake Discs

  • ABS Sensors

  • Camshaft & Crankshaft Sensors

  • Belt Tensioner Kits

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