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TRICO have been a global leader in Wiper Blade technology for more than 100 years. They provide specifically designed and engineered blades as OE to vehicle manufacturers and motorists alike. With a market share in more than 50 countries, millions of TRICO wiper blades are fitted to vehicles every year.

All TRICO wiper blades are engineered and manufactured to perform under even the most severe weather conditions, and a wide range of product options give motor factors, retailers and consumers alike a great choice of different products. Optimal UK distribute four product ranges by TRICO


TRICO Exact Fit - Original Equipment (OE) style fitment and performance, engineered to fit straight onto the vehicle with no loose clips or adaptors

TRICO Flex - A compact range of multi-clip beam blades, ideal for smaller retail shops and workshops

TRICO Neoform - Upgrade conventional wipers to the latest beam blade technology

TRICO TX - Heavy duty wiper blades, specifically engineered in longer lengths and with higher strength steel for fitment to large commercial vehicles


UKS Distribution is pleased to continue working alongside TRICO to provide customers with top quality wiper blades. 

TRICO have now launched their Exact Fit Kits! These kits come complete with 2 beam blades with pre-fitted adaptors. With a total of 95 SKU's, this offers more than 95% coverage of the beam/hybrid parc in 40% fewer kits. TRICO have 73 direct fit OE kits available, and 22 retrofit kits for hybrid and upgrade applications!

UKS will also include a range extension for TRICO, bringing in TRICO Rear. This range is just 12 SKU's, all of which are multi-kit blades, covering over 85% of all rear blade sales. These wipers come with a flexible adaptor.


Visit the website for further information and use our Web Catalogue:

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