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Arnott has been designing and manufacturing high quality air suspension replacement product for over 30 years. We manufacture and sell new and remanufactured air struts, shock absorbers, air springs, compressors and coil conversion kits for more than 20 vehicle brands. Our aftermarket replacement products are suitable for passenger vehicles and we have a limited range for commercial vehicles.

Some of our main product characteristics are:

  • OE fit and Quality against a fraction of the OE price

  • Made with high quality components from premium brands

  • Engineered and assembled in the USA and the Netherlands

  • Pre-assembled for easy and safe installation

  • Include detailed installation manuals, videos and QR codes

The re-manufactured units are assembled using the highest quality refurbished products too. This allows us to offer the same warranty on our remanufactured products as for the 'completely new' products. This highlights our confidence in delivering high quality aftermarket air suspension products.

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